HEALING ART APPEAL. Buy Art - Help Save the NHS

online from 9 April 2020

Thank you for all your donations to Maudsley Trust!

Donations made to Maudsley Trust  in 2020.

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Maudsley Trust is a Registered Charity No.1175877.


In these unprecedented times the art community, like every other, has suffered enormous disruption and uncertainty. Finding a balance between compassion for the most vulnerable in society and maintaining an interest in art is not easy. 

In seeking to address both pressures we have formed a partnership with the Maudsley Trust who are running an emergency fundraising campaign for the NHS. By offering a substantial discount of between 10-30% off selected works, we are asking our clients to donate 10% of the final saving to the NHS.
Why Maudsley’s NHS Mental Health Appeal? 

There are many fundraising initiatives operating at the moment around COVID-19. The mental health impact surrounding COVID-19 is already growing into a national crisis. Whether it is single parents struggling to home-school whilst pay the bills, or business owners facing bankruptcy, or family members suffering the loss of loved ones in isolation, this crisis will be played out in a myriad of ways. We hope that we can appeal to our art collectors who are able to add to their collections in the knowledge that they are both supporting the social fabric of our country as well as the artists and associated businesses that make up our industry.