The Players, 1919

Pencil and ink wash on paper
25.4 x 20.3 cm

1923, Irrigation, Zionist Development, Palestine, 1923

Oil on board
32 x 40.2 cm
Titled, dated and inscribed ‘authenticated by Lilian Bomberg’ on label verso

Paysage au Puits, c.1925-30

Oil on board
38 x 46 cm

Nude, c.1926

Oil on board
76 x 54.5 cm

The Steamer Normand on the Seine, c.1932

Pencil on paper
33 x 45 cm
Signed and dated verso

By a Lighthouse, c.1936

Oil on board
46 x 46 cm (irregular)

Three Boats, c.1936


Oil on card
17  x 39 cm

Sailing Boat Entering Harbour, c.1937

Oil on thick card
23 x 23 cm (irregular)

Cornish Lugger in Harbour, c.1938

House paint on thick card
17 x 28 cm (irregular)

Seated Nude, 1939

Sanguine chalk on paper
38 x 25.5 cm / 15 x 10 inches
Signed, dated and inscribed with the opus number lower right; also signed upper right
Opus D.39-8

Two Houses and Two Trees, c.1939

Pencil and coloured crayon on paper

Seated Nude – Courtyard, Greenleaves, c.1942

Oil on canvas
61 x 54.5 cm
Estate stamp verso

Still Life with Fruit, 1949

Oil on canvas
43 x 51 cm


Transparent hot modelled Murano glass with bright gold foil internal application
24.5 cm high

for Salviati, Nudo a Masello

Murano glass
19 cm high

Nemi, near Rome, 1950

Oil on board
26 x 36 cm
Signed and dated verso

Porthleven Harbour, 1950

Oil on board
34 x 24 cm
Signed and dated, also signed and inscribed verso

Rabbit's Dream, 1950

Oil on masonite
60 x 70.5 cm
Signed, dated and inscribed with the title verso

Little Bracken, 1951

Oil and pencil on board
35.5 x 15 cm
Signed; also signed, inscribed and dated verso

November Landscape, 1951

Oil on canvas
152 x 91 cm
Signed and dated

Sculpture Project, 1952

Oil on canvas
81 x 121.5 cm

Le Jardin, 1954

Oil on canvas
72.5 x 53 cm
Signed and dated; inscribed with the title verso

Paul's Puffer, 1954

Oil on board
101.5 x 122 cm / 40 x 48 inches
Opus O.110

Untitled, 1954

Oil on paper
49 x 38 cm / 19 ¼ x 15 inches

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