Angelo Brotto

Seated Woman with Square Head (version B), 1955

Height 59 cm / 23 ¼ inches; Width 30 cm / 11 ¾ inches
Stamped with Susse Fondeur Paris foundry stamp (on the reverse of the base)
Conceived in 1955 and cast in an edition of 6 by Susse Fondeur Paris in 1957

Floor Lamp, Sky Scraper

Murano glass and stainless steel
135 cm high

ANGELO BROTTO  Italian, 1914-2002

Angelo Brotto was an Italian glass designed working for Esperia.

Esperia Italy was active during the 1960s-1970s. Esperia/Murano was producing a wide range of wall and standing lamps always originally designed and manufactured in the combination with unique materials. Example of such a Murano glass is Blown Venetian glass and chromed metal. The majority of Esperia/Murano items were designed by Italian designers, such as Angelo Brotto.

The glassmaking industry was centred in Murano, the island in the Venetian Lagoon, in 1291. Since the 13th century Murano is known as one of the most famous glass industries in the world. For centuries Murano´s glassmakers held a high quality, unique design of glassware, and developed many glassmaking technologies.