Lung Ch'uan Ware and Black Lamp, 1990

Patrick Caulfield

Patrick Caulfield art for sale london
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79.5 x 53.5 cm
Edition of 45


Alan CRISTEA (et al). Patrick Caulfield. The Complete prints 1964-1999, Alan Cristea Gallery, London, 1999, ill.pl.79, p.94.

Additional Information

Lung Ch’uan Ware and Black Lamp depict an elegant white bottle or vase in the foreground against a black background. To the right of the image part of a black lampshade, distinguishable by the row of circular dots below it such as one might see on a traditional lampshade, merges with the background. A broad shaft of white light is cast beneath the lamp, merging with the shape of the white bottle. Two small areas of muted purple serve to emphasise the black shadows which outline part of the shape of the bottle. The Lung Ch’uan potters of Southern China during the Sung Dynasty (960–1279 AD) were famous for the elegant shapes and beautiful pale green glazes of their ceramics.

PRICE: £2,000