Alan Wheatley Art


Adrian Heath: Works on Paper

22 May - 21 June 2019

Alan Wheatley Art is proud to announce a new exhibition of previously unseen works on paper by Adrian Heath, a pioneer of abstraction in Britain in the post-war period 

‘One of the best artists in England, with an intelligence, a set of values, and an accomplishment roughly comparable to Robert Motherwell’s qualities in America.’                                Bryan Robertson, Spectator, 6 May 1966

This new exciting exhibition at Alan Wheatley Art will provide the opportunity to view a selection of previously unseen early collages as well as other works on paper created by the artist between 1958 and 1980’s. 

The works on paper of the early 1960s, in various combinations of oil, gouache, ink, watercolour, collage and sometimes household paint, are amongst Heath’s finest, with an unambiguously sensual romantic feeling. They are also, though they may be described as ‘drawings’, some of the most painterly of all Heath’s works.

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