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Pol Mara Artist Biography  Belgian, 1920-1998

Pol Mara began studies at evening classes at the Royal Academy of Fine Art in Antwerp in 1935, and continued from 1941-48 part-time at the National High Institute of Fine Arts.
His first irreal graphic-pictorial paintings were shown in 1953, at the Het Atelier, Antwerp, in a solo exhibition.
He worked as an Artistic Advisor for Janssen Pharmaceuticals in Beerse, Belgium, in 1958. Also in this year he became a member of the G.58 group in Antwerp.
In 1960 Mara was selected, along with Paul Maas, G.Colligon and Rene Guitte, to represent Belgium in the International Guggenheim awards.
Mara shows in his works an excellent handling of manufactured negative and positive effects so that apparently blown up photos become a mixture of positive, negative, over-exposed, under-exposed, which never deserts the figurative image but plays tricks with posture, perspective, surrounding and elements of mixed media.

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