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Fulvio Bianconi Artist Biography  Italian, 1915-1996

Fulvio Bianconi, a central figure in Murano glass design, attended the school of design in Venice at the age of nine, and later he graduated at the Art Academy of Venice. Under the guidance of Michaela Pinta he designed glass figurines which were already very refined and obtained a very high price at Salviatis.

At that time Fulvio Bianconi started to get involved with caricature, his second passion after glass. He joined his father, who was a musician in Grand hotel in Opatija and started to draw caricatures. He moved to Milano, where he cooperated with prestigious companies, designed vases and worked as a graphic designer for big publishing companies (Mondadori, Garzanti, Rizzoli...).

After the Second World War the meeting with Paolo Venini lead to a magnificent collaboration with the greatest glass-masters, the Ermete and Boboli. He started working for Venni in 1948 and worked freelance for Vistosi and Galliano Ferri.

His work embodies the spirit of experimentation and playfulness that moved glass Italian design in the 1960s.

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