Alan Wheatley Art

Welcome to Alan Wheatley Art

Located in the heart of St. James’s at 22 Mason’s Yard, SW1
the gallery offers a diverse collection 
of British and International Modern paintings and sculpture
from the latter half of the Twentieth Century
with a particular emphasis on Post-War British Art.

Recent Acquisitions

Paintings by Alan Davie, William Gear,
Roger Hilton, John Hoyland, Bryan Wynter
and sculpture by Robert Adams

Late Summer, 1966 Painting by William Gear Laocoon Figure, 1964 Painting by Keith Vaughan Group of Figures: Ait Rasson, 1965 Painting by Keith Vaughan

Currently Showing

A selection of paintings and sculpture
by renowned Modern British artists

Untitled, c.1973 Sculpture by Robert Adams Clam Shell Armchair, 1944 Furniture by Philip Arctander French Garden, 1956 Painting by John Piper


Out stand at this year's Frieze Masters

Forthcoming event Alan Wheatey Art:
The Swinging Scholar: Scholar's art old and new including new works by Clive Barker
Asian Art in London
4-11 November 2016